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5 Items To Never Carry In Your Wallet

Some of us have switched from checkbooks to debit cards and from traditional to mobile payments, but many people still carry a wallet. While it’s smart to have your ID and cash on-hand, there are several items that do not belong in your pocket or purse. To avoid loss and identity theft, never keep the following 5 things in your wallet.

Social Security Documents

Any documents with your Social Security number on it – including the card itself – should never be carried on your person. Your Social Security number is the easiest gateway to identity theft. With this nine-digit number, a fraudster can access current accounts, open new credit cards and apply for loans in your name. To avoid this life-changing event from happening to you, keep your Social Security card and pertinent documents locked away.

Banking Information

Money is the number one thing identity thieves are after; do not readily hand over the means to access and overdraw your accounts. If you cannot recall your checking account or routing number, the bank will look it up for you with proof of identification. Rather than run the risk of someone stealing your wallet, banking information and identity, do not have these numbers written down anywhere.

Multiple Credit or Gift Cards

According to Gallup, the average American has two to three credit cards. When holidays and birthdays roll around, many of us add gift cards to our wallets too. However, it is unwise to

carry all of this plastic around together. As you rifle through the stack of cards to find the one you want to use, you risk dropping or leaving one behind. An added bonus of carrying around only one debit and credit card? You will be less tempted to spend on impulse with limited funds.

Spare Car or House Keys

It’s important to have a spare set of keys for your car and home in case of a lockout, but not necessary to have on your person. Extra keys should be in the hands of someone else you trust. In the event your wallet is stolen, you could be handing over total access to these pieces of personal property. For that reason, carry only one set of keys when out in public.

Password Books

It is not recommended for passwords to be written down, but some of us keep them stored in a book. If you do, make sure to keep it locked away at home instead of carrying the book around with you. Much like your Social Security number, account passwords are the key to your personal information. No one should have access to them except you.

Ion Bank is dedicated to customer protection. To learn more about how you can keep fraudsters at bay, visit our online Security Center!

Characters Latest Buzz