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How to Save on Food While on Vacation

When you were younger and went on spontaneous road trips, you likely had few responsibilities to face. You could jet off on spring break for two weeks with friends, explore new cities and splurge on fancy meals. However, now you’re older, have bills to pay and possibly a family to support. When you go on vacation, it’s a much more expensive venture than it was in the past. How can you save money on food while vacationing without sacrificing experience and taste? We offer 6 tips.

Eat Like a Local

Rather than making reservations at the most popular tourist attraction in town, get insight from the locals on the best places to eat and avoid the crowds. Talk to people on the streets, at the beach and hotel employees to find out their favorite “hole-in-the-wall” places to dine.

Splurge on Lunch

The lunch menu tends to have lower prices than the dinner menu, but many of the same great options in a smaller portion. Find a cozy café with delicious food and house made treats where you can indulge without the expensive bill and hefty tip.

Have a Picnic

Keep a few extra bucks in your wallet for souvenirs and head to the local grocery store for food! Pick up everything you need for a perfect picnic lunch in the park. You can take in the local scenery while enjoying an inexpensive meal with friends or family.

Share Meals

Although some restaurants have an up-charge for plate sharing, one of the easiest ways to lower the dinner bill is to split appetizers and entrees. Remember to eat slowly so if you suddenly feel full, you avoid ordering more food that could go to waste.

Carry Snacks

Whether you’re touring the local sites or lounging on the beach, keep snacks on hand to keep you full between meals. Street food and snack shacks can be more expensive in areas with lots of tourists, so having your own granola bars and chips on hand can save money.

Take Advantage of Offers

Never pass up a continental breakfast! While the hotel may not be serving gourmet omelets, there will likely be a spread of bagels, fruit and cereal to satisfy your hunger. When it comes time to dine out, check Groupon and ask about discounts for students or military veterans.

Eating well is one of the many perks of vacation, but for some individuals and families, financial security comes first. At Ion Bank, we offer solutions to help you save money, but still enjoy your time away. To learn about our Vacation Club accounts, contact us today.

Characters Latest Buzz