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Understand Your Options

As you consider retirement planning, let an Ion Investments Financial Professional review your investment choices, help you understand Rollover and Qualified Transfer rules and assist with filling out paperwork for 401(k), Pension, 403(b), profit sharing and any other company-sponsored options.

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Continue Saving for Retirement

If you’ve lost touch with a 401(k) from a previous employer, maybe it's time to reconnect with those retirement savings. We can help you evaluate your options of leaving your money in your current plan, rolling it over to your new employer's plan, rolling it over to an IRA, or taking a lump sum distribution.

Simplify your current strategy by consolidating multiple IRAs in one place. We’ll make it easy for you to manage your account, initiate required minimum distributions, and review your plan as your needs change. Talk to us about the benefits of combining all your retirement assets.

We can help put your financial goals within reach by developing sound, customized strategies that match your specific needs.

Call us today at 203.720.5378 or toll free 866.803.0111 to schedule your free, personal consultation.

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