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Ion Bank Foundation Grant Used to Buy AED Device

Naugatuck Fire Department

Picture — Left to Right — Deputy Chief Ellen Murray; Firefighter Stephen Hebb; Fire Chief Kenneth Hanks; Ion Bank President & CEO, Charles J. Boulier III; Deputy Mayor Tammath Rossi

The new AED unit, which was ordered when the department received the grant in February, arrived last week and was placed on Engine 3, which runs out of the department's eastside station. Since the unit is mobile, it can easily be switched to other emergency vehicles, depending on their assignments and schedules.

Defibrillators are electronic devices that can give an electrical shock to the heart of victims who are undergoing cardiac-related emergencies. Because a victim's chances of survival decreases by 7 to 10 percent for every minute that passes without defibrillation, the department feels that equipping its emergency response vehicles with AEDs will put it in a better position to aid and perhaps save the life of any local resident who suffers a cardiac crisis.

“By putting AEDs on our emergency vehicles it increases the chance that we may be nearby when a cardiac emergency does occur and we may be able to make a difference for that person, the department said in its original application for the grant.

Ellen Murray, the department's deputy chief, wrote a letter to Charles J. Boulier III, the president and CEO of Ion Bank and its foundation, thanking the foundation for the grant and lauding Boulier for attending a demonstration of the AED in action in late July.

“This is the first time such a piece of equipment has been put into service on an emergency vehicle in the Naugatuck Fire Department, she noted.

About Ion Bank Foundation

The Ion Bank Foundation was created in 1998 to demonstrate our vision to build a legacy of good works to provide financial support to the communities that we serve. As a leading corporate citizen, we believe reinvesting in our communities is our most important duty as a mutual bank. Toward that goal, our Foundation has awarded over $4.83 million to deserving local community and charitable organizations since its inception. For more information visit or call 203.729.4442. You can also follow the bank by clicking “Like” on its Facebook page at or on Twitter at bank.

Characters Latest Buzz