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What could be better than getting paid to spend? At Ion Bank, you can with our Ka-Ching! Savings Program.

How does the Ka-Ching Savings Program work?

All you need to start saving is an Ion Bank personal checking account1 with an Ion Bank Debit MasterCard®. Every time you make a purchase of more than $50, we’ll deposit the amount of cents in your transaction into your
Ka-Ching! Savings Account2. So, if your transaction is $50.99, we deposit $.99 of our money into your account. Make the switch and start earning while you spend.

In addition to our free checking accounts, the Ka-Ching! Savings Program is another way that we reward you for your financial choices. At Ion Bank, we want to see your savings grow and this program is a way for us to help you achieve your goals.

It has never been easier to increase your savings than with Ka-Ching! from Ion Bank.

¹ This account must be a personal checking account. HSAs, Money Market and Business accounts are not eligible to participate.
² Ion Bank deposited funds may be reported as income on IRS Form 1099.