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sidebar_cta_easyswitchDoes your current personal checking account meet the needs of your busy lifestyle? The switch to a bank who puts your needs above all else has never been easier with Ion Bank. We believe that everyone should experience the benefit of receiving competitive interest rates.

If you're not satisfied with the service of another bank or are tired of paying hidden or penalty fees, make the move to Ion Bank with our Easy Switch application. You have the choice of five different accounts:

  • Free Checking: A free and efficient option with our best features.
  • Preferred Checking with Interest: Receive competitive interest rates for maintaining a minimum daily balance in the account or a linked savings account.
  • Classic 50 Checking: Customers 50 years of age or older benefit from the features free checking plus free checks.
  • Preferred 50 Checking with Interest: Customers 50 years of age or older also have the option of opening a competitive, interest-bearing account with similar features to Classic 50 Checking.
  • Statement Savings Account: Make contributions to this account and start saving money at your own pace.
  • Money Market Accounts: Get easy access to your funds with competitive, higher interest rates for higher balances.

Do you want easy, honest-to-goodness free checking? Explore your options with Ion Bank today and make the quick switch.