Meet Our Board of Directors & Corporators | Ion Bank

Ambassadors and Advocates for Ion Financial

Our Board of Directors contribute to the direction and strategy of the organization and the Board of Corporators serve as ambassadors and advocates for Ion Financial, MHC and its subsidiaries Ion Bank, and Ion Investments.

Charles J. Boulier, III
Chair of the Board – Ion Financial, MHC
Chair of the Board – Ion Bank
Retired CEO of Ion Bank
David J. Rotatori
Trustee & Director
Ion Bank President & CEO
Dr. Stephen Widman
Trustee & Director
Physician – Cardiology Associates of Waterbury
Gary B. O’Connor
Trustee & Director
Attorney – Pullman & Comley LLC
Patrick A. Charmel
Trustee & Director
President & CEO – Griffin Health
Andrew K. Skipp
Trustee & Director
Principal – Simon, Hill & Skipp, LLC.
William M. Samuelson
Trustee & Director
Executive at LSQ Funding
Michelle M. Stronz
Trustee & Director
Co-Founder, Formata
Kathy K. Taylor
Trustee & Director
Attorney Professor of Legal Studies, Naugatuck Valley Community College
David F. Scelba
Trustee & Director
President – Scelba Consulting, LLC


Roy A. Balkus
Caren Bouchard
Charles J. Boulier, III
John A. Brucato
Wayne P. Buckmiller
Robert Cappelletti
Patrick A. Charmel
Rocco K. Corso
Laura C. Dake-Roche
Brian J. DiVito
Peter J. Escobar
Maria A. Falvo
David Ferraro
Carol A. Fitzgerald
Edward G. Fitzpatrick
Eugene A. Fridland
Yvonne Gamelin
Karen Goyette
Catherine J. Grady-Benson
Kelly Grant
Thomas A. Hennick
Yoellie Iglesias
Peter Jacoby
Lucille Janatka
Kristen Johnson
James M. Jones
Molly Kellogg
Julie Loughran
Marcelo Martins
James McCowan
John M. Milone, Jr.
George Moreira
Bruce Noe
David W. Nurnberger
Gary B. O’Connor
Matthew L. O’Connor
Adrienne Parkmond, Esq.
Anthony Petrillo
John Pruchnicki, Jr.
Ronald J. Pugliese
Nancy Ragozzino
David J. Rotatori
William M. Samuelson
Maria Sanchez
Carlos Santos
David F. Scelba
Dana M. Silva
Theron Simons
Andrew K. Skipp
Michelle M. Stronz
Kathy K. Taylor
Millie Texidor-Maffucci
Elizabeth Verna
Stephen C. Widman
Mark C. Yanarella
Laurie M. Yelding
Rebecca H. Zandvliet
John Zinno

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