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Grant Application and Guidelines

2018 Grant Applications must be submitted by:

February 24, 2018   •   June 23, 2018   •   October 27, 2018

Note: The grant review and decision making process takes approximately 8 weeks from the grant submissions deadline date.

For an accessible version of the Grant Application, click here.

The Ion Bank Foundation

For more than 146 years, community support has been a fundamental part of our mission. Established in 1998, the Foundation has grown from an initial $2 million contribution by the Bank to more than $9.4 million in assets, through earnings and additional contributions. Over the last decade, cumulative grants for purposes ranging from improving social services to enhancing the arts have exceeded $6.1 million.

The Ion Bank Foundation will ensure that this tradition will continue far into the future. Through annual contributions to a wide range of organizations, the Foundation has made a difference in our communities in a variety of areas such as health, education, economic development, human services and the arts.

Chuck Boulier, CEO of Ion Bank, and the Ion Bank Foundation, presented a $15,000 grant to Naugatuck Valley Community College to name the Computer Lab in Founders Hall.

Ion Bank and the Ion Bank Foundation proudly support our area hospitals, St. Mary’s Hospital, Griffin Hospital and MidState Medical Center.

Ion Bank Foundation partners with non-profit organizations by providing direct support to make our communities a better place in which to live, work and prosper. We believe that reinvesting in our communities is our most important duty as a mutual bank. Our vision is to build a legacy of good works and to preserve funds to continue those good works in perpetuity.

If you are interested in reviewing the Ion Bank Foundation guidelines or submitting an application for a grant and proposed project budget, please click on the links at the top of the page.

Applications may be emailed to