Final Evaluation Report | Ion Bank

For the final evaluation of the project funded by the Ion Bank Foundation, please provide answers to the questions listed below.

  1. Identification
    a) Name of organization
    b) Year and name of program/project (as stated in original application)
    c) Date of grant award
    d) Amount of grant award
    e) Date of evaluation report
  1. Results of your Foundation funded program
    a) Actual program results and how they relate to your original projected results.
    Please note strengths and limitations of the program.
    b) Any changes made to the program’s initial concept and why.
    c) How was the project evaluated (questionnaires, surveys, focus groups, etc.)
    d) Number of people actually served compared to the original projection, (including
    demographics of those served; e.g., residence, ethnicity, age, gender, special
    needs, etc.)
    e) Anything (in hindsight) you would have done differently with the overall program.
  1. What is the future of the program?
    a) Is there a plan to continue the program? If so, in what format will it continue
    (present structure, expanded, reduced level) and how will it be funded?
  1. What was the program/project budget?
    a) Please provide a proposed to actual budget for the grant-related program and refer
    to the program budget included with your original application. For each revenue and
    expense line item list the original budgeted amount (from grant application)
    • List the actual amount
    • Note and explain any major changes between the budgeted vs. actual figures
    • Asterisk Foundation-funded line items
    b) Total amount of funds leveraged from other sources
    c) List sources
  1. Attachments
    Attach copies of any news articles, client comments, support letters, evaluation tools
    or other relevant information.
  1. Authorization Each report must include the name, title, and signature of the organization’s
    director and the person preparing the report.

Please email your responses to Also, please include at least one digital photo (more are welcome, if available) of your grant in action (e.g. a program taking place, equipment being used, etc.)