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Ion Bank Foundation Announces Community Awards Program Winners

The Ion Bank Foundation announced the winners of its Community Awards Program at a special ceremony awarding grants totaling $60,000 to 53 local non-profit organizations.

The program encouraged Ion Bank customers to vote for a local charity of their choice to receive a grant from the Foundation. Over 1,675 customers voted this year and organizations that received at least 1% of the total votes received a grant. In addition, for those receiving less than 1% of the total votes, a $500 grant was awarded to twenty randomly selected eligible recipients.

“This program is a wonderful collaboration between our customers, Foundation and the organizations that our customers feel have the most impact to local communities,” said Charles J. Boulier III, Ion Bank President and CEO. “Our customers are very passionate about their local charities and this program is a wonderful way for them to recognize those organizations and have a say in how our Foundation's funds are distributed.”

2015 Ion Bank Foundation Community Awards Program Winners:

2015 Community Awards Program Winners

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