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Target Data Breach


Target has announced that their payment card data system was breached and that anyone who made a credit or debit card transaction at one of their U.S. stores between November 27 and December 15, 2013 might be at risk.


If you used your Ion Bank debit card at a Target store during that time period, we encourage you to take immediate action. Please contact us to cancel your card and we will reissue you a new card and PIN at no cost. Please call us at 877.729.4442 or visit your local branch office.

We always recommend that you closely monitor your account for any fraudulent activity. If you discover any suspicious or fraudulent activity, please contact us at 877.729.4442 immediately.

You can view your account activity anytime through Online Banking at or by using your mobile device. You can also call Bank-by-Phone at 888.891.4219 to review your recent activity. If you are not enrolled in Online Banking, please click here.

Please be extra vigilant and know that we will never contact you to ask you to confirm your account number, card number, PIN or password via phone or email. For more information, please visit our security center by clicking here.

Characters Latest Buzz


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