7 Vacation Home Rental Tips | Ion Bank
Couple Relaxing in Beach Chairs

Rental homes have increased in popularity over the years. Some travelers prefer them over staying in a hotel for the comforts of home and often cheaper price tag. Yet there are important things to know before you book a rental property. Consider these 7 factors.

1. Timing

Do not wait until the last minute to book your vacation. Rental homes can fill up fast and prices increase as the weather improves. For instance, traveling overseas in the summer can be more expensive than late fall. Do your research and plan to get the best deal possible.

2. Location

The location of a rental property can be critical to your experience. If you’re traveling to a beach town, it’s important to know how close you are to the water. Is it worth the effort to haul your beach items three miles down the road and back? Make sure you understand where the vacation home is in relation to everything else you want to explore.

3. Preferences

What’s the goal of your vacation? If you simply want to relax and spend time at the house, it should have all the amenities you’ll need. Do you want to be in the hustle and bustle of the town? Find a property in close proximity to the restaurants and activities.

4. Fraud

Rental property fraud is very common; make sure a company is legitimate before you book. Always contact the property manager by phone before submitting an online payment.

5. Questions

When you contact the property manager, get all your questions answered. Make sure the size of the home is accurate, see what amenities are available and if there are any additional fees not listed online.

6. Rules

Hotels have rules too but staying in someone else’s house can be different. The cleaning service at a hotel will clean up sand and supply fresh towels, but you may be expected to keep the floors and furniture clean or bring your own linens to a rental home.

7. Documentation

Take photos upon arrival and departure to ensure you won’t be fined for damage you did not cause. Do a walk-through before check-out to make sure everything is clean and where you found it.

While you’re away from home, know your finances are secure with the right savings or checking account for your goals. To explore your options, contact us today.