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During times of crisis, scammers take advantage of consumer vulnerability and confusion. Amid the global Coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to keep your personal information safe. What should you know to avoid falling victim to a fraudulent scheme?

1. Do Not Share Information
Ion Bank will never call and ask for your PIN, social security or bank account number. If you receive a text or email requesting this sensitive information, call your banker to confirm it’s legitimate before taking any action.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 economic impact payments have become a target for scammers. Any stimulus check communication comes from the IRS, who will never use the phone, email, text or social media to request personal information. For more details, visit irs.gov.

2. Be Cautious & Alert
If you receive an email, text or social media message from an unknown sender, do not click any links or open attachments. These seemingly harmless actions could download malware onto your device, malicious software that can cause extensive damage to your network.

Especially during a global crisis, avoid “too good to be true” offers on limited supplies like hand sanitizer and toilet paper. If you have extra supplies, consider sharing with others in the community to help discourage these scams.

3. Switch to Paperless
If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to set up online banking. With 24/7 remote access at your fingertips, you can keep a close eye on your accounts. If you spot anything suspicious, we remain committed to fraud protection.

4. Do Your Research
During this time, also keep an eye out for fake charities. Do not send money via wire transfer, respond to a request for gift cards or donate to an unfamiliar organization. Before contributing to a cause, do your research to confirm its legitimacy.

5. Protect Your Devices
While social distancing, many of us are spending more time on our devices. Always keep your phone, tablet and computer up-to-date with the latest browsers, operating systems and antivirus software. Hackers can take advantage of outdated technology.

6. Do Not Be Reactive
The Coronavirus has caused much panic, particularly surrounding the economy and money management. Before making an investment decision on your own, talk to a professional to discuss your options. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to protect your savings for the future.

Ion Bank continues to serve customers, despite the current challenges. For more information on our response to COVID-19, contact us at 203.729.4442.

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