New Fraud Technique | Ion Bank

Please be aware of a recent Online Banking fraud scheme we’ve heard is happening, so you do not fall victim.

The fraud technique being used is a fraudster makes a call appearing to be from the victim’s bank, tries to verify a made-up random transaction which the customer confirms they did not make and then the fraudster sends a text message to verify the made-up transaction was not initiated by the customer, the customer responds “yes” to the text.  The fraudster then tells the customer they will be changing their Online Banking password to prevent future issues and the customer receives a verification code to change the password and shares it with the fraudster and then the fraudster changes the Online Banking password and controls the account to make one or more transfer(s) for usually $300-$500. 

Please be extra vigilant and know that Ion Bank will never contact you to ask you to confirm your account number, card number, PIN or password over the phone or by email.