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A Money Market Account is an interest-bearing checking account that combines the best features of a checking and savings account. The higher your balance is, the higher the rate of interest you will be awarded! If you don't write checks often, this account may be the right one for you.

Get the best of both worlds with competitive interest and access to our one-of-a-kind features. At Ion Bank, we believe that you should be rewarded for saving.

Enjoy these perks:

  • Access to our iBanking Suite, which includes
    • Account history, spending graphs and budgeting tools
    • Option to transfer funds between accounts
    • Ability to deactivate/reactivate your Debit MasterCard® instantly with iFreeze
    • Mobile Banking
  • Unlimited in-branch withdrawals
  • Direct Deposit
  • Bank-by-Phone

If you're ready to step up to higher interest rates for higher balances, the Money Market Account is the right checking option for you.