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Dreaming of a tropical vacation or preparing for the holiday season?

Start contributing now towards your short-term goals, so you’ll have what you need when the time comes to book a hotel or buy an expensive toy on your child’s wish list.

With our Club Accounts, you don’t have to worry about how you will cover these future expenses. How? We’ll send you a check to spend when the time comes!

Family on vacation

Do you want to feel like a savings VIP?

Take stressful financial planning out of the equation by opening a Vacation or Holiday Club Account.

Getting Started

Setting up a Club Account is easy. Simply stop by one of our locations and start saving for these specific occasions:

  • Holiday Club Account: As you save throughout the year, we send out a check for the full balance in October – right in time for the holiday shopping season!
  • Vacation Club Account: Right before you plan to take a week or two off in the summer, we mail out a Vacation Club check in June.

Become an exclusive member by opening a Holiday or Vacation Club Account – or both!

To make your first deposit today, contact Ion Bank and set up a Club Account.